David Kelsey's fiction

The Nutcombe Tales

These tales arose out of characters created by my brother Ken in a set of somewhat Rabelaisian poems, some of which he later included in A Book of Humorous Poems. They led me to write a few short stories based on those characters, and Ken then transposed some of his poems into prose tales. We decided to set the stories in the 1950s in the fictional village of Nutcombe. Ken's stories have been published as The Nutcombe Papers, and my stories are here as The Nutcombe Tales. There is some overlap, as one or two stories were joint efforts, and we each preferred slightly different versions.

Strange Tales

These are a few very short stories, some of which have a moral and some do not.

Ellen Loveday scripts

These are an idea I had for a TV series about a reporter on a local newspaper. They were written in the 1990s. I was unable to interest an agent in them.

Other fiction