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The Times 29.10.1868 p 10


Sir — I submit Captain Legge’s idea that he can point out the “reason” for General Cathcart’s delay in arriving on the ground on the day of the Battle of Balaclava is not well founded if we take his exposition of it. There were, indeed, as he says, two roads leading from the plateau to the plain, and Sir George Cathcart took the one which conducted him down by the Col of Balaclava. But so did the Duke of Cambridge, and of the two divisions, the first, which was under His Royal Highness’s command, was not nearer than the fourth, which was under Sir George Cathcart. Yet there was a long interval between the arrival of the first and fourth divisions. Had Lord Raglan ordered down both by the Woronzow-road he might have easily turned the Russian success into a great disaster.

Your obedient servant

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