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Crimean texts

The Times 27.10.1868 p 10


Sir — In your review of Mr Kinglake’s work this morning you say:— “But a great and now inexplicable delay occurred on the part of the gallant General of the 4th Division.”

Mr Kinglake himself is equally unable to give any reason why the 4th Division occupied so much time in reaching Balaclava Plain on the memorable 25th of October.

I think I can point out the reason. There was certainly no delay on the part of either General Cathcart or his division in preparing to obey their orders. The General himself saw the necessity for activity so plainly, that as soon as the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade had fallen in Sir G Cathcart moved it off, desiring General Torrens to follow with the rest of the division.

There were, however, two roads leading down into the plain — one which would have led direct upon the position just lost by the Turks; the other, more circuitous, leading through the village of Kadikoi into Balaclava itself. Sir G Cathcart moved his division by this latter road, turning into the plain at the bottom of the descent, so that we entered not far from Balaclava itself.

I do not know his reason for doing this. I have no doubt it was a good one; but the choice of route is sufficient to account for the delay.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant
GEORGE B LEGGE, (late) Captain Rifle Brigade

13, Onslow-gardens, Oct. 26

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