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Crimean texts

[Transcribed by Megan Stevens]

The Times 20.5.1856 p 12


Sir, - I observe that the statement I made before the Board of General Officers at Chelsea Hospital on Thursday last is in some respects incorrectly reported in The Times of Friday, owing, probably, to my not having spoken loud enough: but there is one error which I should be much obliged to you to allow me to correct. It is where I am made to say that while my requisition for hay to be sent from England was 580 tons per month, only 275 tons per month was forwarded. What I did say was that the whole quantity sent out for the service of the army in the East during the two months of October and November was 270 tons, and that of this there was received in the Crimea only 228 tons up to the 23rd of January, a period of nearly four months.

I request you will have the goodness to permit this explanation to be inserted in your next impression.

I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your obedient servant,

57, Eaton square, May 19.

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