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Crimean texts

The Times Monday 06.11.1854 p.6



We have received the following from our correspondents at Marseilles, Paris, and Vienna:—


The Ganges steamer has arrived with despatches from Constantinople of the 28th.

It is stated that on the night of the 22d the Russians spiked seven guns in a battery guarded by the 26th French Regiment.

The siege batteries of the allies were in full play, and produced a terrible effect.

It was thought that the assault would be made on the 2d or 3d of November.”


The following appears in the Moniteur this morning:—

‘VIENNA, Nov 4th

During the 25th the Russians, 30,000 strong, threw themselves suddenly on the Turkish redoubts in the neighbourhood of Balaklava. The Turks were forced to yield to numbers, but the English light cavalry brigade came up to stop the progress of the enemy, and was speedily supported by the heavy cavalry and a French division.

The two allied armies rivalled each other in bravery, and the Russians were put to flight with considerable loss.

On the 26th, the day after, our positions were attacked as well on the side of Balaklava as on that of Sebastopol. The allied armies repelled this double attack with the most brilliant success, and the enemy left 1,000 dead on the field.

The fire from the batteries of the place had slackened a good deal, and the siege operations were pursuing their course in the most favourable manner.

A Russian despatch, received via Warsaw, announces that on the 27th and 29th the relative positions of the besieged and the besiegers remained the same.

The siege works were pushed on, but the most advanced batteries had not yet been armed with guns.

A second Russian despatch, dated Odessa, Nov 1, asserts that up to the 29th nothing decisive had occurred.

On the 27th the allies attacked General Liprandi’s corps without effect.’”

“VIENNA, Sunday

The Oest Correspondenz states that, according to advices from Odessa, nothing decisive had occurred at Sebastopol up to Oct 29th.

It is added that it will be well to wait for more positive details respecting a sortie of the Russians on the 26th and the conflicts between Liprandi’s division and the allies.

Positive orders have been issued that the whole of the Austrian army must be prepared for action by the 31st of January.”

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