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Crimean texts

McNeill/Tulloch Commission of Enquiry

This presentation is based on transcripts by Megan Stevens, and includes the page numbers of the original publication in order to maintain the validity of page references. It is arranged in the following sections:-


Evidence, page iii

Officers' Names examined.Corps, Brigades, or Divisions.Page
Colonel CameronCommanding Highland Brigade1
Quartermaster William Wood42nd Foot2
Quartermaster Robert Jameson79th Foot3
Quartermaster Donald Sinclair93rd Foot3
Colonel WhiteCommanding 6th Dragoons5
Major W.C. Forrest} 4th Dragoon Guards5
Quartermaster Drake
Major Benson17th Lancers6
Quartermaster Lane8th Hussars7
Major WardlawCommanding 1st Dragoons8
Quartermaster William Scott1st Dragoons8
Major R. ThompsonCommanding 5th Dragoon Guards9
Quartermaster George William Bewley5th Dragoon Guards9
Colonel D. GriffithsCommanding Scots Greys10
Colonel Shewell" 8th Hussars12
Colonel Douglas" 11th "13
Colonel Doherty" 13th Dragoons14
Lieutenant-Colonel Low" 4th Light Dragoons15
Colonel Lord Frederick Paulett" 1st Battalion Coldstream Gds.16
Colonel Ridley" Grenadier Guards17
Colonel Walker" Scots Fusilier Guards18
Major Macdonnell" 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade, left wing19
Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas" 79th Regiment19
Lieutenant-Colonel Ainslie" 93rd "20
Major Ready" 71st "20
Surgeon Robert Cooper4th Dragoon Guards21 to 26
Deputy Inspector-General Mac DonnellCavalry Division26
Surgeon ForteathRoyal Dragoons26
Assistant-Surgeon William Cattell5th Dragoon Guards27
Surgeon BrushScots' Greys27
Surgeon Mure15th Hussars28
Surgeon Home13th Dragoons28
Assistant-Surgeon White3rd Dragoon Guards29
Assistant-Surgeon Boate6th Dragoons29
Surgeon Kendall, M.D.4th Light Dragoons29
Surgeon J.B. St. C. Crosse11th Hussars31
Surgeon Massy17th Dragoons32
Surgeon BlenkinsGrenadier Guards33
Assistant-Surgeon WyattColdstream Guards34
Assistant-Surgeon Elkington3rd Foot Guards35
Surgeon Dods71st Regiment36
Surgeon Scot79th "37
Dr. LintonDeputy Inspector-General of Hospitals39
Dr. HunterStaff Surgeon40
Surgeon WalshRoyal Navy41
Assistant-Surgeon BrownRifle Brigade43
Staff Surgeon E.W. Young63rd Regiment44
Surgeon J.S. Furlong42nd "44
Mr. Alexander CrookshankDeputy Assistant-Commissary General46 to 49
Mr. J.W. Murray" "50
Mr. Philip Rolleston, 1st Division" "50
Mr. W.H. DrakeDeputy Commissary-General50
Surgeon Hearn1st Foot53
Staff Surgeon MatthewBalaklava55
Staff Surgeon AndersonPrincipal Medical Officer, Balaklava56
Captain Carter63rd Foot57
Mr. FilderCommissary-General59-64
Mr. ArcherAssistant ditto65
Mr. AdamsDeputy ditto67
Lieutenant-General DupuisRoyal Horse Artillery71
Major BarkerCommanding "W" Field Battery72
Surgeon Edward Protheroe"C" Troop Horse Artillery72
Assistant Surgeon Turner3rd Foot Guards74
Colonel Lord George PagetCommanding Cavalry Division74

Evidence, page iv

Officers' Names examined.Corps, Brigades, or Divisions.Page
Colonel HodgeCommanding Heavy Cavalry Brigade75
Major Mc KenzieAssistant Quartermaster-General, Balaklava77
Colonel MayowAssistant Quartermaster-General, Cavalry Division79
Colonel BarlowCommanding 14th Foot80
Lieutenant-Colonel Munro" 39th "80
Quartermaster Mc Bride39th Foot82
Surgeon Woodman" "82
Surgeon Chalmers14th "82
Quartermaster O'Connor" "83
Quartermaster M'Gee1st Royal Regiment83
Surgeon Dumbreck" "84
Colonel WaddyCommanding 50th Regiment85
Surgeon Tronsdell50th Foot85
Lieutenant-Colonel LowthCommanding 38th Regiment85
Surgeon Fowkes38th Regiment85
Lieutenant EyreActing Quartermaster 38th Regiment85
Colonel PerrymanCommanding 89th Regiment85
Quartermaster Watson89th Regiment85
Surgeon Gilborne" "85
Surgeon De Lisle4th Foot86
Quartermaster Connell" "86
Lieutenant-Colonel BortonCommanding 9th Regiment86
Assistant-Surgeon Ovens9th Regiment86
Lieutenant-Colonel EdwardsCommanding 18th Regiment86
Surgeon Crawford18th Regiment86
Colonel AdamsCommanding [?] Regiment86
Surgeon Marlow28th Regiment87
Major Fielden44th Regiment87
Colonel SpencerCommanding 44th Regiment87
Surgeon G. Mee44th Regiment87
Mr. Charles C. BlancDeputy Assistant Commissary-General88
Mr. Henry J. Brownrigge" "89
Major-General EyreCommanding 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division90
Major-General BarnardCommanding 1st Brigade, 3rd Division91
Surgeon Howard20th Foot92
Quartermaster Aylett"92
Lieutenant-Colonel ColeCommanding 17th Regiment93
Surgeon Simpson17th Regiment93
Colonel Lord WestCommanding 21st Fusileers 93
Surgeon McKinnon21st Fusileers93
Colonel ShadforthCommanding 57th Regiment93
Assistant-Surgeon Brady57th Regiment94
Lieutenant-Colonel MaxwellCommanding 46th Regiment95
Surgeon Webb46th Regiment95
Lieutenant-Colonel SmythCommanding 68th Regiment95
Assistant-Surgeon CullenAttached to 68th Regiment96
Quartermaster Tunks68th Regiment96
Colonel Garrett, K.H.Commanding 2nd Brigade 4th Division96
Mr. FernandezDispenser of Medicines98
Colonel NorcottCommanding 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade99
Quartermaster Peacock1st Battalion Rifle Brigade99
Surgeon Innes60th Rifles99
Colonel Mc PhersonCommanding 1st Brigade 4th Division100
Mr. BartlettDeputy Assistant Commissary-General100
Mr. Barlee" "101
Surgeon RobertsPrincipal Medical Officer 4th Division101
Colonel Hart [?]Commanding 20th Regiment103
Lieutenant-Colonel MaulvererCommanding 30th Regiment104
Surgeon Dowse30th Regiment104
Lieutenant-Colonel CuddyCommanding 55th Regiment104
Colonel ShearmanCommanding 62nd Regiment105
Assistant Surgeon Young62nd Regiment105
Major DennisCommanding 95th Regiment105
Assistant-Surgeon Ferguson95th Regiment105
Lieutenant Colonel EmanCommanding 41st Regiment106
Surgeon Scott41st Regiment106
Lieutenant-Colonel GrantCommanding 49th Regiment107
Surgeon Davis49th Regiment107
Lieutenant-Colonel FarrenCommanding 47th Regiment108
Surgeon Wells47th Regiment108
Brigadier-General LockyerCommanding 2nd Brigade 2nd Division109
Mr. ThomsonDeputy Assistant Commissary-General, 2nd Division109
Mr. ColquhounDeputy Assistant Commissary-General, Artillery Brigade110
Surgeon WoodPrincipal Medical Officer, 2nd Division110

Evidence, page v

Officers' Names examined.Corps, Brigades, or Divisions.Page
Staff-Surgeon Langley1st Brigade, 2nd Division112
Colonel TrollopeCommanding 1st Brigade, 2nd Division112
Colonel CobbeCommanding 4th Foot, 3rd "113
Captain Lushington, R.N.Commanding Naval Brigade113
Colonel YeaCommanding 7th Fusileers115
Surgeon Lockwood7th Fusileers115
Lieutenant-Colonel LysonsCommanding 23rd Regiment116
Assistant-Surgeon Wood23rd Regiment116
Surgeon Muir33rd Regiment117
Lieutenant-Colonel JohnstoneCommanding 33rd Regiment117
Lieutenant-Colonel Mundy33rd Regiment118
Major SimpsonCommanding 34th Regiment118
Surgeon Dwyer34th Regiment119
Major WelsfordCommanding 97th Regiment118
Assistant-Surgeon Porter97th Regiment120
Colonel ShirleyCommanding 88th Regiment121
Surgeon Dunlop88th Regiment121
Major DixonCommanding 77th Regiment122
Assistant-Surgeon Burton77th Regiment122
Lieutenant-Colonel CampbellCommanding 90th Light Infantry123
Surgeon Anderson90th Light Infantry123
Major RookeCommanding 19th Regiment124
Surgeon Longmore19th Regiment125
Major-General CodringtonCommanding 1st Brigade, Light Division126
Major-General BullerCommanding 2nd Brigade, Light Division127
Captain FormanCommanding Right Wing 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade128
Surgeon FrazerRight Wing Rifle Brigade128
Mr. HaynesCommissariat Clerk128
Mr. WebbDeputy Assistant Commissary-General129
Mr. DarlingAssistant Commissary-General129
Lieutenant-Colonel WoodCommanding Artillery 4th Division130
Assistant-Surgeon WrightRoyal Artillery131
Major ChapmanRoyal Engineers132
Assistant-Surgeon Hyde" "133
Lieutenant-Colonel AdyeAssistant Adjutant-General, Royal Artillery134
Lieutenant-Colonel Nedham [?]Commanding Royal Artillery, 3rd Division135
Assistant-Surgeon Comte [?]Royal Artillery136
Major WodehouseCommanding Battery, Light Division137
Major PiponCommanding "A" Battery137
Major SingletonCommanding "E" Battery137
Surgeon Ward"H" Battery138
Assistant-Surgeon McMunn"A" Battery, Royal Artillery138
Lieutenant-Colonel WardeCommanding Siege Train138
Lieutenant-Colonel DicksonCommanding Right Attack139
Captain OldfieldCommanding Left Attack139
Assistant-Surgeon TaylorLeft Attack139
Lieutenant-General Sir John CampbellCommanding 4th Division140
Lieutenant-General PennefatherCommanding 2nd Division142
Deputy Inspector-General AlexanderMedical charge Light Division144
Lieutenant-General Sir Richard EnglandCommanding 3rd Division147
Lieutenant-General Sir Colin CampbellCommanding 1st Division151
Dr. HallInspector-General of Hospitals154
Mr. FilderCommissary-General (second examination)156
Mr. LundyAssistant Commissary-General162
Mr. WilliamsDeputy Assistant Commissary-General163
Colonel the Honourable Alexander GordonAssistant Quartermaster-General163
Major Wetherall" "165
Colonel the Honourable Alexander Gordon" " (second examination)168
Ditto" " (third examination)170
Ditto" " (fourth examination)176
Major-General AireyQuartermaster-General182
Major HallActing Engineer190
Admiral GreyCommanding in Bosphorus193
Colonel the Honourable Alexander GordonAssistant Quartermaster-General (fifth examination)199

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