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Crimean texts

McNeill/Tulloch Commission of Enquiry

This presentation is based on transcripts by Megan Stevens, and includes the page numbers of the original publication in order to maintain the validity of page references. It is arranged in the following sections:-

Evidence, page 74

SEVENTEENTH DAY. - Thursday, April 5th.

LORD GEORGE PAGET, Commanding Cavalry Division, examined.

Was with the army from the time of its landing in the Crimea till the 11th or 12th November, and again since the 25th February. Up to the 11th November commanded the 4th Dragoons. About the 28th or 29th October the Light Brigade moved from the valley near Balaklava to the vicinity of head-quarters, and about the 1st or 2nd November, moved to the vicinity of the windmill, near the brigade of guards. Up to the time when he left, the 4th Dragoons, the men were regularly supplied with their rations, and they had been pretty well off for forage since the beginning of October. So long as he remained with the brigade, it was the practice to send troop horses periodically to fetch forage from Balaklava; can say nothing of what was done in this respect after his departure. Since he rejoined, the division has been well foraged, and the men have received their full rations, but the supply of fresh meat has not been such as would be desirable. Believes that the men are well supplied with vegetables. The health of the division is on the whole pretty good, but some cases of fever have occurred in the 2nd and 6th Dragoons, and 11th Hussars. Is of opinion, that it would be beneficial to the men to issue soft bread instead of biscuit several times a week. Will ascertain[1] whether copies have been kept of any representations made by regimental officers to the officer commanding the division or brigade in regard to the forage, and the employment of troop horses to carry it to the front.


[1] No information was furnished on this subject.

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