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Crimean texts

The Adjutant-General to Lord Lucan

Reply dated 5.3.1855

Horse Guards, March 5.

My Lord, — I have had the honour to submit to the General Commanding in Chief your letter of the 2d of March inst, reporting your arrival in London and requesting that your conduct in ordering the charge of the Light Cavalry Brigade at the action of Balaklava, on the 25th of October last, and writing the letter you addressed to Field Marshal Lord Raglan on the 30th of November, may be submitted to and investigated by a court-martial.

I am directed by the General Commanding in Chief, to state in reply that, after a careful review of the whole correspondence which has passed, he cannot recommend to Her Majesty that your lordship’s conduct in those transactions should be investigated by a court-martial.

I have the honour to be, my lord, your lordship’s most obedient servant,
G. A. Wetherall, A.G.

Lieutenant-General the Earl of Lucan.

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