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Crimean texts

Lord Lucan to the Adjutant-General

Letter dated 1.3.1855

20, Hanover Square, London, March 1

Sir — I have obeyed Her Majesty’s Command to Resign the Command of the Cavalry of the Army of the East and to Return to England. I have now the Honour to Report my arrival for the Information of the General commanding in Chief. I consider it due to my professional Honour and Character to seize the earliest moment of requesting that my Conduct in Ordering the Charge of the Light Cavalry Brigade at Balaklava on the 25th of October, and Writing the Letter I addressed to Field Marshal Lord Raglan on the 30th of November, may be Submitted to and Investigated by a Court Martial. I make this Appeal to General Lord Hardinge with the greatest Confidence, believing it to be the undoubted Privilege, if not the positive Right, of every Soldier to be allowed a Military Inquiry into his Conduct when, as in my case, he shall consider it to have been unjustly Impugned.

Lucan, Lieutenant-General

To the Adjutant-General

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