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Crimean texts

Lord Raglan to Lord Lucan

Official covering letter dated 12.2.1855

Before Sebastopol, Feb. 12, 1855

My Lord — Having transmitted to the Minister for War the Letter which your Lordship addressed to me on the 30th of November last, for that Purpose, I have now the honour to forward to you the Copy of a Despatch which I received this Evening from the Duke of Newcastle, with its Enclosure from General Viscount Hardinge.

Your Lordship will perceive that the Queen has been Pleased to approve of the Recommendation of the General Commanding-in-Chief, that you should be Recalled, and that, in communicating to you this Decision, the Minister for War has instructed me to Inform your Lordship that it is Her Majesty’s Pleasure that you should Resign the Command of the Cavalry and return to England.

I have the honour to be, my Lord
Your Lordship’s most obedient, humble servant,

Lieutenant-General the Earl of Lucan

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