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Crimean texts

Key to document numbers

Document numbers start with one or more prefix letters indicating the source:

c    = Calthorpe
h    = Hansard
i    = letters and other individual documents
j     = law reports
k     = Kinglake
l     = Hart's Army List
mnt = The McNeill/Tulloch Report
n     = The News of the World newspaper
t     = The Times newspaper
x     = miscellaneous

This is followed by a more specific reference:

In the case of Kinglake: e_v_ppp and in the case of Calthorpe: ppp where

e    = edition
v    = volume number
ppp = page number

In the case of The McNeill/Tulloch Report, an arbitrary serial number

In all other cases: yymmdds where

yy  = year
mm = month
dd  = day
s    = suffix (to distinguish documents which would otherwise have the same number)

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