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What you can expect to find here

The primary purpose of this site is to provide transcripts of some contemporary documents of the Crimean War. They come from The Times newspaper (reports, leading articles, and letters), Hansard, Kinglake, and other sources. For the most part they are concerned with the Battle of Balaclava (particularly the Light Brigade charge and the recriminations which followed), commissary problems, and Kinglake's role as historian, but other items relevant to the war will be included as appropriate.

There is a list of sources itemising all the source documents.

Many of them are also referred to in topics, which are notes, commentaries, and essays putting documents into a context. Unless stated otherwise, I am responsible for all opinions, judgments, and prejudices. Feel free to differ!

There are also some relatively objective background data, such as a chronological table of events, maps, potted biographies, orders of battle, etc


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Other sources

The Crimean War Research Society publishes a quarterly journal, The War Correspondent.

There is a Crimean War mailing list where topics relevant to the war are discussed. Many of the contributors to the list are considerable experts in their fields, and it is a very valuable source of detailed information about the war.

For entertaining and illuminating material, particularly on Mrs Duberly and Captain Nolan see Dr M M Gilchrist's site The Silver Whistle.

In presenting The Asplin Military History Resources website, Kevin Asplin says that he hopes "to present various materials and information that may be of interest to the Victorian military historian and researcher." Amidst a wealth of other material, the site contains casualty lists for the Crimean War.

A basic bibliography.

I am not in a position to answer individual questions about the war. To find out if a particular person served in the army in the Crimean War, you need to know his regiment. You can then look in the Public Record Office (PRO) at Kew — discharge papers are in class WO97, Medal Rolls are in class WO100, and Muster Rolls and Pay Lists are in class WO12. You might also consult the appropriate regimental history, and see what information is available at the regimental museum.

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