Granddad Kelsey's MeTube

This section was created to enable me to share files which were too large to email. These files are videos made by me to amuse (hopefully) my great-granddaughter Chloe. They consist of recitations by me of monologues made famous by Stanley Holloway. They were mostly written by Marriott Edgar, but I have modified some of his lines.

I have added extra verses to Jubilee Sovereign, namely those about the cheque, the toothpaste tube, the hoover, and the accountant.

In The Recumbent Posture, more than half the verses have been added by me, including all the shop visits except the Co-op and the tinsmiths.

Per tuppence per person per trip.

Three ha'pence a foot!

Albert and the Lion

Albert Returns

Sam's Christmas Pudding

Sam, Sam, Beat the Retreat

Sam, Sam, Pick oop tha musket!

Sam Drummed Out

Albert and the Jubilee Sovereign

The Recumbent Posture