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Crimean texts

[Transcribed by Megan Stevens]

The Times 25 Jul 1855 p 9



Sir, - There is but one thing to be done when any information is desired, and that is asking a favour from your valuable paper.

Now, since the beginning of the war the casualties in the Commissariat Department seem to have been entirely forgotten. I see no reason why the relations of those who are employed in that department should be left in doubt as to whether those they hold most dear are alive or not.

A very near relation of mine, who has been with the army from the first, has told me in his letters of several deaths, of which only one or two have been mentioned, and those by your own correspondent. It may be said that, being a civil branch of the service, there are but few deaths; I am sure, however, that you will agree with me in saying, that their friends should not be left in entire ignorance.

I think a few words from your able pen will be the means of preventing a vast amount of anxiety. I feel confident you will excuse my troubling you to such an extent when I sign myself


Paris, July 23.

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